Balkan Melodies for Accordion




Moeilijkheidsgraad: 2-3

Across The Lake
All The Birdies From The Hill
Autumn Passed
Bunjevacko Kolo
Calush Dance
Cheery Beery Bella My Mary
Cool Wind
Dance The Kolo
Danube, Quiet Cold Water
Dewy Meadow
Don’t You Tell
Farewell Mary
I Am, Mother, A Fine Girl
I Like My Sweetheart
I Think Of You
I Was Sitting By The Sewing Machine
I’m An Orphan Child
I’m Going To Gorensko
King Kolo
Last Night You Told Me
Let’s Go To Stajersko
Little House By The Hill
Little Red Fez
Mary Anne
Mother Thinks That I Should Marry
My Father Has Two Ponies
My Little One Has No Fault
Oh Morave, My Village In The Plain
Oh Young Sailors
One Little Sailboat
There By The Dock
Village Girls’ Kolo
Voice Of Macedonia
When I Walked To Bembasha
When Last Year I Passed By There
When You Were A Little Girl, Mary
White Fairies Flew
Wither Violet
Zikino Kolo

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